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What's New?

As 2024 begins we continue our mission to entertain, educate and promote proper techno in our regional communities and beyond. 

Each event we curate has its own vibe and theme, we aim to create unforgettable and unique parties, from decorations and production, to dancers, artists and performers.

Over the last quarter of 2023 we have been focusing on hosting underground nightclub events in collaboration with DLTA Division and Domicile.

We are excited to continue delivering top quality experiences with some of the best local and international talent. Follow us and stay tuned for the next event!

For booking and promo information, please email:

Shuffle Community

In an active attempt to unite and expand the shuffle community through the shared love for techno, Techno Collective has been hosting various dance events, including shuffle meet ups and tournaments. 

Battle Mode

TC Battle Mode is a recurring event, which started with a mission to encourage shufflers of all skill levels to tap into a whole new world of creativity and drive that battling brings. We believe that by hosting this safe space for dancers to compete, not only will we see incredible individual level ups, but will also take shuffling to a respected niche in the all-style dance scene.

In 2022, Battle Mode hosted a total of 5 events: 3 in South Florida, and travelled to Orlando and Chicago. In 2023, we collaborated with 1337 Entertainment VIBRATIONS, and hosted recurring meet ups and battles featuring live dj acts at Garage Bar in Hollywood, FL.

Our first Battle Mode of 2024 in May found it's new home at Domicile, giving us the ability to scale up and take it even further, evolving into a full experience with a big afterparty.


Click here to read about our previous events.

Next Battle

Battle Mode: Domicile, Miami, FL

Fall/Winter 2024

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